V-casting, automatic casting line, manual automatic line

Automatic molding machine: vacuum seal modeling, V-casting. It is the use the plastic film that heating will be plasticity cover on the template with the vacuum pressure, and then the sand box is filled with dry sand without binder, and use the plastic film seal sand top, vacuuming, making the sand mold tight, mold starting, core setting, typing, pouring, until the casting is solidified.
1.the casting is high precision, clear outline and smooth surface. Because the surface of the mold is covered with film, there is no vibration or knocking when the mold is started, and the suction pressure is tight, and the hardness of the sand mold is high and uniform.
2.There is no binder, water or any additions in the sand mould, simplify the treatment process.
3.The first domestic application in glass mold industry, starting a new fields in the glass industry. The mold is more solid and the life is longer.
二.automatic casting line
1.automatic production line in the circumstances of unmanned intervention, is operated or controlled automatically according to the prescribed procedures or instructions. The target is "stable, accurate, and fast".
2.The products produced by automatic line should have enough output. The product design and process should be advanced, stable and reliable, and remain unchanged for a long time. The adoption of automatic lines in mass production and mass production can increase labor productivity, stabilize and improve product quality, improve labor conditions, reduce production area and production costs, shorten production cycle and ensure production balance, which has significant economic benefits.
三.manual automatic line
Creatively developed the automatic clamping device, to solve the workpiece together problem, in the process of automatic clamping,  realize the automatic processing of two half mould together in the mould of glass bottles and jars. The use of one or more double spindle milling center, equipped with a set of manipulators, at the same time the glass bottle mould finishing by a worker operating on equipment vehicles, milling, drilling, lettering and other multi-channel processes, to achieve automatic production of glass bottles and jars mould.
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