Firstly, Type Name: AD-01: copper aIloy. Main components:  copper, aluminum, nickel; Casting hardness: 210-230 HB; Using secondary smelting process and ensure the stability of the materiaI;  Copper alloy material has good thermal fatigue resistance and has the characteristic of high-temperature dimensional stability; working life up to five times compared to the common cast iron casting Mainly applicable for Neck ring, bottom plate and blow mould.

Secondly, Type Name: AD-02: D-typed graphite cast iron. Adding such alloying elements as molybdenum, vanadium, titanium; Casting hardness: 150-170HB; Ferrite greater than 85% and pearlite less than 15%, which can increase the ability of resistance defor-mation; Tensile strength up to 290MPa and has good resistance to oxidation and thermal fatigue resistance.

Thirdly, Type Name: AD-03: compacted graphite cast iron alloy. Alloying elements are added into the casting; Casting hardness: 150-170 HB; The strength of cast iron is higher, good wear-resisting and good high impact toughness. Reasonable chemical composition, improving  the casting yield Creep ratio greater than 80%, which can increase the working life of glass moulds.

Fourthly, Type Name: AD-04: heat-resistant ductile cast iron. Alloying elements are added into; casting hardness: 150-170HB. The characteristics of thermal conductivity is good, be enjoying high-temperature resistance capacity and good plasticity; Spheroidal graphite structure is greater than 85%; Using advanced smelting technology to ensure uniform spheroidal graphite morphology, which can ensure material stability in the course of running of bottle-making.

In addition, this company can follow up different customer-oriented good mould castings, in accordance with specific requirements of customers.

1. Castings, better quality: by adopting “vacuum molding casting technology”, casting’s surface enjoys higher smoothness and the roughness of surface could reach 25um up; casting’s sizes are much accurate, which facilitate and greatly reduce the processing amount of machinery; casting has a higher density of inner organization;

2. Higher efficiency and lower energy consumption: work flow shorter, easier modeling, labor intensity lower, production efficiency higher, production cost less;

3. Environmental friendly: during casting processing, the modeling is making use of dry sand, without any binding materials. So, the 95% of sand could be reused. Compared to the traditional castings method, this vacuum molding line could not bring about solid wastes basically. Little accompanying dusts in the processing could be collected by the exhaust system, which can make sure the air pollution-free, consistent with modern green castings production conditions.

We have successfully realized the vacuum molding casting technology during the glass moulds castings section. The procedures are as follows:

(1)Higher production efficiency: the glass moulds by adopting “vacuum molding castings”, since the easier modeling and lower labor intensity, the production efficiency is greatly upgraded compared to the traditional sand modeling   technology.

(2)Better machinability: the castings made by “vacuum molding technology”, which have accurate sizes,  better surface smoothness, closer density organizations. Compared to the traditional castings, it has  characteristics of easier machining; the working allowance is little and a lot of machining amount could be  reduced.

(3)Superior Microstructure: compared to the castings made by traditional casting method, the castings from “vacuum molding” could have much excellent D-type graphite organization and better density, which could facilitate the heat transferring during the process of manufacturing of glass moulds.

The mould gauging machine to be introduced from SONICAM FRANCE, to check and control the mould cavity capacity duringthe maching process.

We have made the best use of the 3D printing technology, which can print out the sample bottle view in the first time for review. The printed bottle samples have such following good points as intuitive, stereoscopic, economical and environmental protection oriented. This practice can greatly support you taking up the market share in advance and enhancing the predictability to the markets forecasts.

Ningxia LG MAZAK double stock bin mechanical arm automatic processing equipment

It is able to ensure 24-hour non-stopping work. Once the intelligent mechanical arm was programmed and the casting was placed well, mechanical arm can process after off -working of person, this automation and intelligence can realize the normal self-working in deep night, without light & none observation of person.

Specialized Glass Moulds PolishingMachine, Sonicam Typed S1A2(two-sections), imported from France.

Gun Drill Machine From British Haman for V/Flow Hole

Automatic plasma welding machiness to be introduced from  Shanghai Stellite-Deloro stellite group, USA, to make the welding area more even and harder.

Service-oriented brand strategy, low-cost operations, based on market development strategies to human resource development, technological innovation, corporate culture for the protection strategy. 

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