• <b>Cooler</b>
    describe:The cooler is used for the internal cooling of the punch. A premium cooler is a type of heat transfer
  • plunger (press & Blow)
    describe:The punch is also known as punch, top die, die, punch, etc. The punch is a metal part installed on th
  • <b>plunger ( press & blow, tungsten carbide surface welding)</b>
    describe:The tungsten carbide punch has the characteristics of high precision, high hardness and flexural stre
  • <b>take out tongs insert (graphite) and take out tongs holder (s</b>
    describe:Graphite wick vippers are used to remove the bottle and reduce the damage to the bottle. The graphite
  • take out tongs (material is Bronze/Minox)
    describe:Copper bottle pliers are made of copper and are used for the clamping of the bottle of the line, and
  • blow head (assembly tube)
    describe:The blowing head is used for blowing the cylinder. Characteristics of blowing head: high hardness, go
  • funnel
    describe:The function of funnel in glass bottle mould is used for the feeding of glass. The funnel is a cylind
  • Baffle (material is Bronze/Minox)
    describe:The copper head is an essential part of the glass bottle mould. The copper head can increase the spee
  • guide ring
    describe:The mouth ring and the mouth mold cooperate, together finish the bottle mouth forming. Mouth die body
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