Glass bottle moulds are important tools for making glass bott

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 Glass bottle moulds are important tools for making glass bottles. Therefore, it is necessary for glass bottle manufacturers to manufacture glass bottles.

It is necessary to pay attention to environmental conditions, clean workshop, clean compressed air, selection of raw materials and reasonable molding time.
1. Environmental conditions: the temperature is to keep the same ambient temperature throughout the whole process of making glass bottle mould and mold.
2, clean workshop: in a dirty environment is cannot make a high quality glass bottle mold, mold manufacturing, Yin and Yang position should have a high cleaning, must have higher than the location of the products production maintenance and management standard, therefore, in the beginning of the mould manufacturing, requires in advance will die manufacturing to clean and dust removal work well.
3. Clean compressed air: the air source with pure and dry air is the main factor of high quality glass bottle moulds in the manufacturing area.
4. Selection of raw materials: this is an important condition for the high quality of the molds in the selection of high quality raw materials.
5. Reasonable molding time: arranging a reasonable mold schedule is one of the main factors for making good glass bottle moulds.
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