The chrome - plated glass bottle moulds are widely used in gl

author:安迪必威电竞官方网站 Release time:2016-01-13

 Glass bottles are widely used in our production and life, and glass bottles are used in the production of glass bottles. Glass bottle moulds have an important influence on the production and production of glass bottles.

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of living quality, people's requirement for glass bottle packaging more and more high, chromium glass bottle mold is widely used in the production of glass bottles, have also brought glass bottle factory products manufacturing new challenges.
Now a lot of glass bottle factory in making mould ChengMo surface spraying a layer of chromium (Cr), chromium finish on the surface of the glass bottle mold with can make the glass bottle mold increased by more than 30%, and increase hardness and endurance, prolong the service life of the mould etc., to produce glass brightness is particularly good.
Now a lot of glass bottle factory in making mould ChengMo when using this method, especially in the production of large quantities of order obviously improve the quality of the product, although the chrome plated mold production cost is higher than ordinary mould, but this kind of spraying process will be more and more get the welcome of a lot of glass factory.
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