• 【Company dynamics】Andy Mould participation in the China Glass 20172017-08-14 Hebei Andy Mould Co., Ltd took part in the 28 th China ( Beijing ) International Glass Industry Exhibition. This event was held during 24-27th May 2017 in Beijing city of China . During the exposition, we met with customers, introducing our
  • 【Company dynamics】Andy Mould participation in the Mir Stekla 20172017-08-14 Hebei Andy Mould Co., Ltd took part in the 2017 Russia ( Moscow ) International Glass Industry Exhibition. This event was held during 5-8th June 2017 in Moscow city of Russia . During the exposition, we met with potential customers, custome
  • 【Company dynamics】The responsibility is greater than the prevention2017-06-24 On June 22, 2017 afternoon ticket is Andy mould invited cangzhou social security fire squadron of comrade, on the first floor conference room for people engaged in a "is greater than the prevention consciousness, responsibility than the implementation
  • 【Company dynamics】Andy mould participated in the 28th international glass techn2017-06-24 In May 2017, the 28th China international glass exhibition was held at the Beijing new international exhibition center, and the hebei Andy mould has advanced equipment strength and technical talents at the top to participate in this event.
  • 【Company dynamics】Caring for employees' healthy construction of harmonious ente2016-04-14 April 2016-1 1 1, 3, Andy mould business administration department organization in the healthy check-up of the employees for more than six months, check the project including test (blood routine, urine routine, liver function, electrocardiogram, chest
  • 【Company dynamics】Andy mould leader to conduct the family visit before Spring F2016-01-28 Since its inception, Andy mould, zhang has been implementing the family visit talk as the important measure of employee relations, closely adhere to the eyes, center of gravity down down, listen to the heart-felt wishes of the front-line staff, for th
  • 【Technical document】How many glass bottles can a set of glass bottles produce?2016-01-13 Glass bottles are commonly used packing materials, and glass bottle packaging products have a wide application in our life. In our daily life, the type of glass bottle products used is also more and more.
  • 【Technical document】Introduction of glass mould2016-01-13 Glass mould is the main production technology and equipment, glass products mainly divided into container glass mould and class glass mold, mold in the process of using inner cavity quality decided to the surface of the glass products quality and prod
  • 【Technical document】Key points of production of glass mould material2016-01-13 The molds produced by glass moulds must be annealed by high temperature graphitization to ensure the uniformity of ferritic tissue in the absence of residual stress.
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