Key points of production of glass mould material

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 Main production points of glass mould material:

Glass mould first control the matrix organization for ferrite + a small amount of pearlite (not greater than 15%), graphite shape must be type D (nodular cast iron and vermicular cast iron does not belong to this range), considering the special conditions on the surface of the mold in contact with the molten glass of water with special requirements, must want to ensure the density of the surface should have certain thickness layer, these must be to obtain by using the method of process.
The molds produced by glass moulds must be annealed by high temperature graphitization to ensure the uniformity of ferritic tissue in the absence of residual stress. It is necessary to treat the mould surface according to the customer's requirement after rough processing. It is usually sprayed with nickel-base alloy to increase the contact hardness of joint surface.
Glass mould general control method, for chemical composition, generally can be controlled, the requirement of element content is easy to be guaranteed. Difficult, however, is difficult in its organization, because of the different base structure of performance in the show is not the same, so finally decided to die life of glass is the microstructures and properties of materials.
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