How many glass bottles can a set of glass bottles produce?

author:安迪必威电竞官方网站 Release time:2016-01-13

 Glass bottles are commonly used packing materials, and glass bottle packaging products have a wide application in our life. In our daily life, the type of glass bottle products used is also more and more. Glass bottle factory in order to improve their competitive strength of products, product design also in the continuous improvement, some redesign a new style of products, this invisible to open bottle mould again. However, the vast majority of people of glass bottle mould is not very understanding, think to spend money to open a new glass mould can't do much bottle is broken, so wasted money and time, then, a set of glass mold can produce how many bottles? Introduction of glass bottle mould manufacturer:

The material of glass mold is made of gray iron is heat-resistant, in the process of production is not easy degradation, but after a long time to use at high temperatures and the oxidation of release agent how much will a bit damaged. The mold is pulled down without cleaning and maintenance. Use high pressure air pump and fine sand and water to clean, then repair with the welding gun and then wipe the butter. In use, a set of glass bottle molds can produce about 400,000 glass bottles to change molds.
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