The effect of the raised phenomenon on the product is on the

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 Glass is adopted mould produced, it is not easy to be broken, the advantages of the bottle type according to the mold to produce a special glass bottle, we can see some glass bottle shape strange, there are words on the bottle, with decorative pattern and so on all is according to the mold production.

Glass is widely used in the market, the food industry (e.g., can, pickles, etc.), pharmaceutical industry, such as infusion bottle, large capacity of oral liquid bottles, wind essence oil, safflower oil, etc.), cosmetics industry, such as refined oil bottle, cream bottle, cream bottle, etc.), health care products industry (tablets capsule and health care beverage bottles, etc.).
Adopt mold production glass bottles, glass bottles of parting line and mouth line, bottle crack, such as insufficient internal pressure resistance and thermal shock resistance are the result of the mould state is not good, so the mould quality directly affects the quality of the glass bottles, we open the unit mould, ensure the quality of the mould, guarantee the quality of glass bottles in the root, after using the mould, also want to often repair mold, guarantee to produce glass bottles is not quality problems.
The effect of the raised phenomenon on the product on the glass bottle:
1. The mold is not enough hardness.
2, or the mold side Angle has not been sprayed, it is usually the glass products produced by all the injection moulds.
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